Vortex server migration news

Vortex server migration news

Hi Loyal Vortex customers, 

Just letting you all know that we did our server migration on Friday the 27th of September 2019 GMT+10, and good news, we only had around 1 hour of downtime from 12PM to 1PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10/UTC+10)

Please check your products in Magento to see if the quantity is matching Vend during this period for there may be a chance that products sold in Vend during this time didn't update Magento.

Also, please note, we are seeing some users syncs halting, can you please ensure that our new server IP address has been white-listed from your developers / hosting company. The IP is: 

Please reach out ASAP, if you have any issues. 


Jason Shico
VortexHQ.com team

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