Our second case study. Thanks Ed & Salena from flowerchild.com.au


We are proud to announce our second case study from our friends @ Flower Child Australia

Visit their online baby store @ http://www.flowerchild.com.au

"Flower child is a baby boutique with a heavy emphasis on eco and sustainable products. Flower child has both an online store and a bricks and mortar store in Sydney’s North.  The most popular products include amber teething necklaces, modern cloth nappies and baby carriers, many of the products cannot be found in any other stores in the Sydney area.

Flower child had outgrown its open source ecommerce platform and wanted to move to Vend for their Point of Sale system, in conjunction with Magento CE for their online presence. The problem, like many businesses, is that the stock for sale online was the same stock in the retail store – and keeping a tight inventory control is essential to prevent multiple people buying the same item at the same time.

Flower child’s owner Salena carried out some research and found the only product on the market that seemed to meet the requirements to sync the stock both ways was VortexHQ.

VortexHQ is a hosted solution that allows you to sync products and inventory from Vend to Magento, and in addition, customers and orders (containing the product quantities) from Magento to Vend. This is setup to happen automatically with no effort required by Flower child staff.

This ensures that no matter where a customer purchases an item, either online or instore, the item is always tracked in the stock control system. As Vend is now the master repository, Flower child now has a single place to report on all sales volumes as well as stock.

Flower child found the setup easy, and as it’s hosted, no software to install, configure or maintain.  Support has also been excellent and extremely responsive.

VortexHQ can arrange for you to speak to Salena or her IT staff if you wish to find out more about the operation of the service. "


Flower child’s owner Salena Knight in the Sydney Store


Thanks to our friends at Flower Child

The Vortex Team.

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