Our first case study. Thanks Antti @ Kalastus ja vapaa-aika Wirginia Ltd. - Click here to view.


We are proud to announce our first case study from our friends @ Kalastus ja vapaa-aika Wirginia Ltd from Finland. 

Visit their online fishing store @ http://www.wirginia.fi

Some questions we asked Antti from Kalastus ja vapaa-aika Wirginia Ltd:

1. How long has your store been running?

Kalastus ja vapaa-aika Wirginia Ltd. has been running since 1983

2. How long have you had your online store running?

We have had online store running since 2011

3. A company snapshot / summary

Kalastus ja vapaa-aika Wirginia Ltd. is specialized in fishing equipment and is located in Helsinki, Finland. Company was founded in September 1983 and at that time store was about 40 square-meters big, filled with fishing equipments and different sort of sporting goods for example airguns, ice-skates. Today the store is as broad as 100 square-meters and the whole space is dedicated for fishing. Our customers can have advice on how to fish, where to fish and which equipment are the most suitable. We also tell our clients about new forms of fishing and help them to get started. Addition to broad product range, we offer services like changing fishing line, ice drill blade change service and small maintenance jobs on rods and reels.

4. How did you find Vortex and Vend?

I found Vortex and Vend from Magento forum. Vortexhq was searching beta testers to Magento community edition. I was immediately interested in the opportunity.

5. Little summary on how you are saving money

Now as we see stock levels in real time we can order products before they run out. Online store stock levels are also correct so when customer orders a product, customer can be sure that the product is in stock. No more overselling and sending email back and forth. Now it works like a dream.

6. What POS software were you using before?

Before vend we had just plain old cash register without any inventory control or pricing.

7. What you love about Vortex?

Biggest plus in Vortex is that now my inventory is up-to-date, so when I sell product from my store Vortex updates my inventory automatically and I don’t have to do quantity check after a long day.

Vortex Does that all for me. Even if the supplier changes price, it’s now really time saving and easy for me to change price in Vend and
Vortex does all the rest.

8. What you love about Vend?

I love how simple, fast and useful Vend is. Before Vend we had to do pricing manually with calculator, and it took hours to check the lists for prices and quantities. Now it’s only matter of minutes when we get the newest products in shop and most of all to our customers.



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