Do you support composite products in Vend? - Posted by Jason Shico

Syncing of composite or products with variant from vend to magento is not possible.

So these products must not be selected under product management page at vortex.

As a workaround

- Create the composite product at vend manually. Setup the child products & the correct initial inventory.
- Create the counterpart bundled/grouped or configurable product at magento. Setup the child products & the
correct initial inventory

If the product is not selected at product management page, the product will not sync the info e.g. title,
description, inventory, etc. Do make sure however that the child products are selected correctly for syncing.

Furthermore, since the product is also at magento, the product can be ordered and vortex sale sync is one-way
(magento -> vend only) so the sale will continue to sync deducting the correct qty to the child products which
ultimately reflect to the parent composite product qty. This process still updates inventory from both sides
(vend & magento) via sale processing.

Posted by Jason Shico

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