How secure is my data? Posted by Jason Shico

How secure is my data?

Our hosting and service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security. This is supported by a world-class network, data and physical security environment. Security is an ongoing process, not a singular event - we continuously evaluate and reinforce our security policy and practices.

Here are just some of the security precautions we take.


SSL Security

Our servers have SSL Certificates signed by global leaders in certificates (, so all data transferred between the users and the service is encrypted using 256-bit encryption.


User Access

Our support staff do not store passwords. No one has access to your organisation unless invited by you and completely at your discretion.


Physical Security

Our servers are located in the Asia Pacific via using enterprise grade hosting facilities. Access is restricted to authorised staff by a combination of biometric systems and 24/7 onsite security guards, and is continually being minitored.


Firewalls & Network Security

External access to our servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion protection systems and routers, which are configured and monitored according to industry best practice.

Extra Features include:
* TippingPoint® Intrusion Prevention Systems
* Bandwidth Overage Protection

Our own internal office networks are isolated from any customer data by design.


Third Party Access

Transfer of data to any third parties can only occur with your consent and to organisations that provide adequate data protection.


Data Protection

We run offsite backups hourly, full backups daily so we can immediately recover your data if necessary.

Data protection and backup

All customer data is backed up daily.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee Service Level agreement with


Posted by Jason Shico

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