Have existing Magento products? and products in Vend matching by product SKU?

Before you read this article, you may want to consider doing the following:

A. Backup your Magento store
B. Remove your Magento Products
C. Follow steps 1 & 2 below
D. Push all products from Vend to Magento.  

• The above would be ideal if you don't have configurable products, grouped products setup, products with no more than 1 attribute in Magento and multiple categories otherwise, please follow the below steps.
• And assuming you have all your products setup in Vend with images, title, descriptions, prices, skus, tax  & quantities.
If you action the above, please also read the following article on how to deal with configurable products once pushed from Vend to Magento as simple products: https://digicloud.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211365083-How-to-create-deal-with-Configurable-Grouped-products-in-Magento-once-posted-from-Vend-

If you do not wish to follow the above, Please follow these steps below.



• This article would only apply to a customer who already has existing products in Magento and have just started using Vend.
• We assume Vend is the master inventory. 
• Please also configure your account first following this article: https://digicloud.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211365323-How-to-configure-your-account
• Please ensure BACKUPS are made on your Magento store and your Vend account before you follow this article.



Step 1 - Set your Magento Tax Settings 

A. Magento Product Tax Settings
• A common tax class across both platforms must be setup correctly.
• All products in Magento must be assigned to a Tax class e.g. Taxable Goods. 
• Please note, this is ONLY needed if you intend to use Vend as your master for product pricing and tax.



B. Magento Tax Settings
In order for Vend to post correct pricing information to Magento, your Magento store must conform to the following rule:

Catalog Prices Must be set to Excluding tax in configuration

Navigate to: System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Calculation Settings > Catalog Prices > Must be set to "Excluding tax"

(Magento calculates the tax for the product base price based on the tax rules and re-calculates the price to include tax online.)

Please Note (Important): Once you change your settings to conform to the above rules you prices in Magento will no longer display the retail price including tax, please continue on if you are confident. 


C. Further Magento Tax Settings
Navigate to: System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Price Display > Both Display of item prices in the shop front & Returns Show *must* be set to Including Tax.

D. More Magento Tax Settings
Navigate to: System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Order, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings > Both Display of item prices in the shop front & Returns Show *must* be set to Including Tax.




Step 2. Common product SKUs across Vend and Magneto

We use the SKU being the unique identifier across both platforms.

We assume Vend is the master inventory. 

Don't have your products setup in Vend yet?

We have just released a new feature where we can pull ALL your Magento products and post them straight into Vend Point Of Sale.

Navigate to Synchronize > Manual > Pull Magneto Products


Step 3. Tax settings MUST be changed 

IF you had originally set your Magento store Catalog to "Including Tax" for Catalog prices, and you then changed it to "Excluding Tax" as per step 2 above, we have a quick fix solution so your products can re-display prices including tax online by following these steps :

A) Export your Vend product list to a CSV
B) Re-import the Vend product CSV (Do not open this CSV)

This effectively gives ALL products a new time stamp. So on your next sync all products will be updated in Magento including tax.


• Please ensure in the VortexHQ.com app that you have image sync switched off: Settings > Configure > Edit configuration > Turn off image sync

• You now manage and maintain your Product Title, Product Long Description, Product Price, Product SKU, Product Tax & Product Quantity in Vend.

• Product Images are now managed in Magento for new and existing products.

• Product attributes, configurable products, grouped products, categories etc are now managed in Magento for new products.

• You need to make sure when you are making a price change for a product in Vend that you change the base price excluding tax.

For more information, please contact support@digicloud.com.au 

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