Product Selection when you first start using the app

Please note once you have created your account and configured it you must do the following:

Go to Synchronize > Manual > Product Management

You will see the below screen.

You need to make sure all your products that you want synced to Magento are selected or deselected in this section before you start fully using the app.

Please go through each page and press Select All

Very Important: Moving forward, when you create any new products in Vend, you must navigate to Product Management in and select the newly created product within the hour.

If you miss the window of selecting the product, please make a simple change to the description and then make sure its selected and then that will act as a new product and get pushed to Magneto.




OR you can choose to turn on an auto select feature by navigating to: Settings > Configure > Edit Config > Vend Config Tab > Auto select of New products from Vend > Turn on. ( Please note the below though if you want to turn this feature on. 

New Feature - Auto select of New products from Vend

(As of 17th of July 2015)

This is a new feature we have implemented. 

This feature will auto-select new products created in Vend in Product Management.

PLEASE NOTE: Within the hour of creating new products in Vend, you must navigate to Admin > Synchronize > Product Management to trigger the new products being sent from Vend to Magento. (Please note, products should be automatically checked so you dont have to do anything.)

Please DO NOT turn this feature on until you have pushed all your products from Vend to Magento and have spoken to

Please note this DOES NOT work with MANUAL PLANS very well.

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