*IMPLEMENTED* Pushing Freight charge to Vend and assigning it to a product called 'Freight'

Please note: This feature is currently in development and will be released soon. 

We have had a few requests recently to further develop Vortexhq.com with some new features.

We wanted to hear your thoughts and feedback before we consider implementing this new feature.

The feature is regarding how Freight charges in your Magento store are sent to Vend.

Currently when an order is sent to Vend the freight comes through as just a normal charge in Vend as per the following screen:

Inline image 1
This currently has limitations on reporting on Freight in Vend.

It also has some rounding issues if customers are also integrating with Vend and Xero. 

One way Vend can report on freight charges is if there is a product in Vend called Freight.

What we propose is that when an order is posted from Magento to Vend it records the freight charges against the Freight product in Vend.

However, it does bring up some questions such as:

1. What if a sale comes through with Free shipping? Do we not add that to the sale or do we create a line in the sale to say Freight $0?

2. If the sale at Magento has a different shipping amount than the vend product set as freight, what do we do? Do we just over-right the price for freight from Magento?

3. For customers who have different shipping prices in Magento. Should we create multiple products as freight in Vend?

We look forward to your vote and feedback.

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    Jason Shico

    Dear Loyal VortexHQ.com customers,

    We are now in our final stages of testing the new freight feature.

    We will be going live with this feature on Saturday the 23rd of March 2013, 10AM (GMT+10 time).

    What does the new feature do?

    In a nutshell, the shipping / freight component of any online Magento sale will be pushed to your Vend account with to the mapped Freight product you have created in Vend.

    For example:

    Inline image 2

    Currently Freight is pushed to Vend like the below screen:

    Inline image 3

    How this will impact your setup?

    All you need to do before Saturday the 23rd of March 2013 is:


    a) Create a freight product at VEND. Inventory is suggested to set as "DO NOT TRACK INVENTORY"

    b) Get the new freight ID and configure them on VORETEXHQ config under VEND and send it to me via email. Please see the screen below on how to obtain this and I will update your account manually.


    Inline image 4

    c) Please do not select the freight product management under vortexhq for synchronisation.

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